Thursday, December 16, 2010 :: FAST and FREE blogging via SMS

Free Group SMS to all over India.You can send through our website or directly through your cell phone to our number Taggin to send out FREE Group SMS. is an easy way to stay in touch with your friends through FREE sms & groups (We like to call them SMS blogs). You CREATE your own group and invite people to JOIN your group. Now whenever your post an update on your sms blog (group), sends it to all your subscribers (people who have joined your group)

A SMS Blog is a group or a live community on which could be used for microblogging (life streaming), sharing info on some specific area of interest, or spreading the word on an event / activity streaming.

There are two kinds of SMS Blogs: public and private.
By default, all kinds of SMS Blogs are public and posts are visible to everyone. Only you can post though.
In a private SMS Blog, your posts are visible only to those who you allow to subscribe to your SMS Blog.
If you have joined some sms blogs, you would receive updates from them whenever those sms blogs are updated.

All sms are to be sent to the Tagg number 09223492234 or 560700. We encourage you to save this number on your phone for easy & quick actions.

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